Gas Compressor
Intensifier Operation

Stage I Compression

Intensifier Operation

Stage I Compression

Gas flows through the inlet check valve and fills the larger diameter first-stage cylinder.

Pressurized hydraulic fluid, acting on the hydraulic piston, strokes the piston assembly to the left compressing the gas in the first-stage cylinder.

Gas in the first-stage cylinder flows through the check valves into the smaller diameter second-stage cylinder.

Stage II Compression

Stage II Compression

At the end of Stage I compression, the four-way valve changes position and directs pressurized hydraulic fluid to the left side of the hydraulic piston.

The piston assembly moves to the right compressing gas in the second-stage cylinder. Gas flows out of the second-stage cylinder into the discharge gas line.

The piston assembly reverses direction at the end of the second-stage stroke and the cycle repeats.

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